What is Synastry and Why Should You Use it?

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The answer to the question, “what is synastry” is a complex one. In its simplest form, Synastry is a form of astrology that involves examining the house positions of a person’s planets when they appear in another person’s charts, in order to evaluate the relationship. However, instead of asking “what is Synastry?”, it would be better to ask whether Synastry works and what its flaws may be.

What is Synastry and Why Should You Use it?Many people would give the answer “broken” to the question “What is Synastry”, because Synastry is a flawed method in the view of some astrologers. It can tell some interesting things, but one thing that it does not do is say whether the relationship is likely to work out. Synastry doesn’t look at harmony, it looks at attraction and repulsion – telling you whether you are likely to be attracted to someone or whether you are likely to clash. In all seriousness, those are things that you already know if you are considering a relationship with someone.

Synastry will look at whether two people are likely to hit it off, but it doesn’t give any insight into whether the relationship will be good for each person. Two irresponsible, wild people may have a brilliant time together and enjoy a carefree relationship – eschewing all their responsibilities until their life collapses. On the other hand, a more calming influence may be less likely to get a high Synastry rating, but it could be a much better relationship.

Therefore, instead of relying purely on Synastry, it is a good idea to use Synastry in conjunction with other horoscope elements. This will give you a better idea of whether the relationship is likely to work out or whether it is one that is on the path to extreme and inevitable destruction.

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