Bolognese Temperament and Lifespan

29 june 2016 by Andrew Richmond

Bolognese are small dogs, strong and "compact". They are incredibly obedient and smart, very mobile and noisy, they are immensely loyal to their master. Bolognese captivate your mind, they are helpful and energetic. By the nature Bolognese have calm and lively character and a funny look which makes them perfect dogs in the role of apartment pets.

Bolognese gets on well with children as well as pets. Bolognese dogs are devoted to the family, and incredibly attached to all its members. This is a very sensitive dog, which are experiencing an incredible longing, staying for a long time alone or ignored, source breo ellipta. In this case, these little dogs can make a real massacre, they bite, tear and spoil everything that comes in their way, in addition, they begin barking loudly and incessantly. Bolognese is very suspicious and cautious with strangers, they are easy to scare, but this can be avoided if properly socialized dog. Bolognese copes well with the role of "bell" due to acute sight and hearing which are necessary when it is time to warn of the danger. The dogs live for 10-13 years.

How Much Does a Bolognese Cost and Price Range

The average price for Bolognese is about $350 -$ 650. The price can vary as it depends on the breeder and by the way, this is a rare breed now. The show quality pet will cost you more than just a pet quality dog. If you don't need the breed or show quality dog, you can save a bit and find the lower price.

Bolognese Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Bolognese Dog is the owner of a beautiful thick wool uniform of white color or white with pale yellow on the ears. Little sweet face always expresses joy, large intelligent eyes and a proud posture - no wonder why so many people love these dogs. Black eyes, lips and eyelids give Bolognese very spectacular appearance.

Average height of this breed is about 25-30 cm and weight is from 2.5 to 4.5 kg. Its body is covered with small silky thick hair that curls with the loose curls. From such a dog you can get a great aesthetic pleasure, providing it with proper care. After a neat haircut and thorough combing Bologna Bichons are very similar to powder puffs.

Bolognese Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Bolognese appeared in Italy as early as the 11th century, these dogs were very fond of aristocrats. Every noble citizen proudly showed their pet in public. In the Renaissance Bolognese considered expensive gift regal. This breed was very popular among the nobility of many countries. Bolognese dog breed over time became rare and almost extinct. Now this dog breed is quite rare.