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Increase Libido Techniques

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Author: Bernard Moss

If you have a low sex drive or libido, you can use a number of techniques to increase libido. Most often a low libido is the result of stress and fatigue or simply the fear of not being able to perform in bed - CB1 Weight Gainer reviews. Chemicals in our brain known as endorphins are responsible for making us feel pleasure and enjoyment. Stress and fatigue prevent the release of these chemicals, limiting our sex drive. Regular exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress and fatigue and trigger the release of endorphins. The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes with a good work out not only has a positive effect on our mind and body but it also improves blood flow to genital organs and improves our confidence. Massage and meditation are other techniques we can use to relieve stress and relax and improve blood flow. Other than this certain food stuff can also stimulate libido. Chocolates and chili peppers are known to stimulate the release of endorphins which in turn cause the release of sex hormones. By eating healthy and getting regular exercise, naturally increase your libido and enjoy an intimate relationship with your partner. Variety of food helps to improve libido which smoothens sexual life and gives relief.

General question is that how to increase libido? The answer lies in with natural foods, supplements and herbs as the best technique to do so. Commonly used libido increasing food are bananas, almonds, eggs, figs, garlic and chocolates. On the other hand raw oyster due to zinc content, banana due to potassium and vitamin B, increases testosterone and hence libido.

Similarly figs due to presence of amino acid improve libido and also adds to sexual stamina. Almonds become the source of man's hormone production. Celery and raw oysters are such food items which directly increase male libido as well as it increase female libido. The best technique to maintain libido levels is to improve your diet that increase your libido

Male and female increase libido naturally but these should be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, sonobello, relaxation and good nutrition (more sonobello reviews). There are numerous natural herbs and supplements available that help iimprove libido. These include Tribulus, Damiana, Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) and Wild Yam which increase female libido naturally but are also beneficial for males.

Herbs increase libido like Tribulus and Damiana which increase testosterone levels in both men and women. Tribulus helps to regulate testosterone levels and is commonly prescribed. Shatavari reduce stress and is also used for treatment of infertility. Wild Yam increases libido in women by increasing the level of estrogen, it also protects against heart problems and cancer (look osphena).

Other herbs and libido supplements that can help libido enhancement include chives, kava kava and muira-pauma. Chives, which is from the garlic and onion family, helps in the production of sex hormones. Kava kava has a sedative and tranquilizing effect and reduces nervousness and depression. L-arginine can increase libido significantly by fastening the blood flow to the penis.

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